ET Centers

Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center

Through the creation of competency-based curriculum, diverse and effective professional development training and opportunities, and replicable workforce/program development models and offerings, MATEC affects change in the field of Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (SMT) education. MATEC’s materials and services are a collaborative effort between education and industry, working through a close and responsive partnership between the public and private sector. As the need for more highly skilled technicians in the semiconductor manufacturing field grows, MATEC has positioned itself to continue to be the leader in SMT education and industry collaboration.

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South Carolina Center For Advanced Technological Education

An Advanced Technological Education (ATE) initiative funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Founded in 1996, SC ATE is dedicated to expanding excellence in technician education and increasing the quantity, quality, and diversity of Engineering Technology graduates to support business and industry and to encourage continued economic development.

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Advanced Integration Manufacturing Center

Since 1993, the professional experts at the AIM Center have been helping manufacturing companies all over the Miami Valley tackle the rigors of lean implementation and process improvement, provide hands-on employee training, and design and manufacture complex prototypes.

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Centers For Applied Competitive Technologies

Our mission is to help California’s manufacturing industry compete successfully in changing markets and the global economy through Applied Competitive Technologies and workforce education. We accomplish this through technology education, manufacturing training, and services that contribute to continuous workforce development, technology deployment and business development.

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