ETC: Engineering Technology Council

Engineering Technology Council The Engineering Technology Council of American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) is the national organization that speaks for engineering technology education and is committed to promoting quality education and creative
endeavors in engineering technology. The Engineering Technology Council is the organization that represents the engineering technology institutions. Each member institution appoints a representative who represents their organization at the annual meeting.
The Chair of the ETC is a member of the ASEE Board of Directors.


ASEE Engineering Technology Council List


ASEEETC is an electronic bulletin board for the Engineering Technology Council.


Subscription to ASEEETC is available to ETC Representatives of member schools. For more information, contact Eric Iversen, To post your message on the ETC Mailing List (you must be a subscriber), send it to:

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ECETDHA: Electrical And Computer Engineering Technology Department Heads Committee

The mission of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology Department Heads Association (ECETDHA) is to promote the advancement, understanding, and appreciation of electrical, electronics, and related engineering technology programs at all levels.
The Association also provides a mechanism for the collection and dissemination of data, opinions, and viewpoints of engineering technology program administrators.

ECETDHA was started in the mid 1970’s and currently has a membership of over eighty institutions. Some of the current activities of the Association include sponsoring a mini-grant program to promote innovative ideas that benefit the membership and developing
a national normalized assessment tool for the electronics and computer engineering technology community.


ECETDHA Information

Past Mini-Grants

2018 Mini-Grant

2017 Mini-Grant

2016 Mini-Grant

2015 Mini-Grant

2014 Mini-Grant

2013 Mini-Grant

2011 Mini-Grant

2010 Mini-Grant

  • Old Dominion University – Fuel Cell Experimentation System

2009 Mini-Grant

2008 Mini-Grant

2007 Mini-Grant